The following icons represent 18 different categories of training videos.  See behind the scenes footage recorded from our exclusive 12-week workshop for real estate professionals.  The focus of this webinar series is to help real estate agents develop and display their brand to their ideal customer, preferably using low-cost-to-no-cost ideas, tools and platforms.



Learn some incredible and unique ways ideas and examples from BrandFace® clients other marketers, as well as the top low-cost-to-no-cost ways to promote your brand.

Take a peek behind the brand of several of our BrandFace® real estate agents!  Learn why and how we chose their brand and see how they’re putting it into action today.

See some incredible ‘before and after’ transformations!  It’s the old versus the new brand, and we’re changing their images on every marketing platform!

See some examples of how we’ve taken collateral materials from drab to dramatic! Make sure that every piece you put into a prospect’s hands or yard reflects your brand boldly and consistently.

The ultimate goal of a BrandFace® is to become known as the authority in their market & niche.  Expert content is the key to sharing your knowledge.  See how we make it both simple and powerful.

Yep…customer reviews can be a daunting task! But if you know how and when to ask for them, where to get them…and how to use them, they can be one of the greatest tools in your promotional kit.

Is your brand protected? Is a corresponding domain name available? Find out the do’s and dont’s of choosing a domain name and how you determine whether the brand you want is already trademarked.

An email list is an incredible way to keep your brand in front of prospects and customers.  Learn how to build your list, and what it takes to stay top of mind in a unique way.

Looking for unique ways to stand out at community events?  Thinking of hosting your own event? Learn the different types we recommend, and some crazy good ideas to bring your brand to life.

We all have goals and dreams, and sometimes we lose sight of them. Whenever you need re-direction, come right back here and refresh your mind and spirit.

What good is a great brand without eye-popping visuals?! Learn the tools & providers we use to produce a powerful logo, show-stopping social media cover photo, and more.

You can’t have success without sales.  We share some of the hottest tips and systems to follow, including our top sales secrets (over 28 years in the making)!

The best kind of advertising is free!  Learn what it takes to become known (and get published) as the real estate authority in your market & niche.  PR should be a big part of your BrandFace® plan.

Who else can get America’s Top Selling Real Estate Auctioneer to explain the auction process?  Well…he happens to be a BrandFace® partner!  Learn why auction attendees should be on your prospect list today.

Sometimes it’s the little things that leave a big impression.  You’ll learn some unique ideas for promotional items as well as client gifts…all with a BrandFace® twist.

There’s no ignoring social media!  Learn what it takes to customize your social channels with your brand and engage in a memorable and share-able way!

BrandFace® partner Michael Carr keeps us all motivated and informed with daily text messages.  Prospecting, sales, inspiration, you name it!  It’s our signature Success In Six™ program, and it’s FREE!

Text messaging campaigns are another piece of the puzzle you just might consider! Learn how they work, when you should consider them, and the platform we use.

Video is one of the most powerful forms of marketing!  Learn numerous ways to connect in a personal way, so you can build familiarity, gain credibility, and turn prospects into customers.