Michael Carr is the Abundant Life Broker. 

Michael speaks to entrepreneurs from all industries about the success he has achieved, and how they can attain an abundant life through the same BrandFace principles he has used to grow his own business. 

Michael has spoken before audiences in the hundreds of thousands, and spent 26 years reading and molding his audiences. His commanding presence and no-nonsense personality reflects his bold stance on branding and marketing practices. Audiences especially enjoy laugh-out-loud moments as he shares inside perspective on his life as an entrepreneur and eventual progression into a BrandFace®.

Today, Michael helps other business owners & entrepreneurs to evaluate, develop, and market their own personal brands in order to elevate them to local celebrity status.

Michael’s energy and passion for his craft is undeniable, and whether you learn from him in this book or in person, you’ll take away a rich understanding of what it takes to be a BrandFace® and to reach the coveted number one position in your market and niche.